For Parents


Present your child with a world of possibilities.

A parent always tries to etch the best path of success for their child. You want your child to excel in whichever field they choose while giving him or her best possible learning environment. Learning music doesn’t require any pre-requisite. Music is a time tested and proven supplement towards the growth of any individual.

Through our extensive ‘Music is fun’ program we have made learning music quite easy for your child. Our classes are designed to play an important role in your child’s social, emotional, intellectual and physical development by laying a pathway to musical proficiency. We give you dedicated time every week to learn music where you can bond with your child in a unique way with the help of the music lessons. We provide you unique parent login credentials through which you can download rhymes.

Why is this important? Studies from all over the world have shown that an early childhood exposure to music by means of learning it can have profound positive long term effects on children which can help improvise language development, improved math skills, graduation rates and even decreased likelihood towards drug and alcohol addiction.