Become a teacher


There is something very fulfilling about teaching music to children. You are responsible for one of the proudest achievement a child could have.

In our Music is Fun program we have made the process of you becoming a teacher very simple. Simply put you can be a teacher too.

Teach Children Music. You would be building on a strong foundation

Music is fun is one of the most pedagogically sound program which is designed for children right from their birth to age nine. It’s a complete bridge from early childhood to teaching music lessons. These uniquely effective music lesson plans are designed with learning sequences that repeat and build patterns which continuously reinforce the lessons and help stimulate the students. Students will enjoy these lessons immensely and will be able to retain these lessons for upto nine years.

You will get the support you'll need to succeed

We offer an extensive, in-person and online training which will help you understand how children learn music. As a Music is Fun teacher you will have ongoing support to help you run a successful music profile.

Put your dream of reaching children through music in motion

With your desire, hard work, time and Music is fun's know-how you will join countless other music teachers from around the country who are successfully inspiring the love of music in children.

To find out more about workshops, or to register, feel free to   contact us.